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10 Top Facts about Author:

1. My name is Anita Carolina, 23-year-old from Indonesia who could spend her whole day in Sephora, HnM, or any beauty and fashion stores.

2. A pianist, graduated in Piano Performance in 2015 but never really into music teaching.

3. Currently taking Professional Make-up and Aesthetics Course, my dream is to be professional make-up artist and skincare consultant.

4. Love writing articles, it allows me to explore my creativity and also to inspire people through my writing (guess why this blog is here now!)

5. Although a make-up junkie, I am completely comfortable with my own skin so no biggie to go anywhere without make-up.

6. If I could change something about myself, it would be my height which is 5 foot 1. I am always envious of tall girls. 

7. Food and travelling are another passion of mine. 

8. Two things would never fail to freak me out: LIZARD and HEIGHT.

9. I appreciate time and I am almost always punctual to any occasion except there is emergency.

10. I can speak 5 languages: Indonesian, Malay, English, Chinese and Hokkian. And currently learning French!