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Ettang Modelling Mask | Review and First Impression

August 19, 2016
Korea's skincare brands never seem to stop creating more and more innovative products. Seriously, it's hard to keep up with the whole trend sometimes. Recently, I came across this modelling mask from Korean brand called Ettang. It is basically a one-time usage of rubber mask packed in a disposable cup. All we need to do is to add water and mix the powder, it will turn into a rubbery paste and the mask is ready to use. Indeed, it sounds very convenient isn't it?

Some claims in their website ( :
1. Similar quality of those from high aesthetics facial. 
2. Contain natural aroma oil, free from chemical and parabens.
3. Shrink pores, contour face, moisten our skin.
4. Easy and convenient to use.

The one I will be reviewing is Chlorella. The reason I chose this one is because chlorella will purify my oily, congested complexion and at the same time will relax my skin and restores its vitality. 

Key ingredients analysis:
1. Calcium sulfate is to solidify the mask and trap moisture to our skin.
2. Chlorella powder is good for detoxify our skin, full of vitamin A and C to brighten skin and reduce scars.
3. Glucose acts as humectant, an ingredient that increase the water content of the top layers of the skin by drawing moisture from the surrounding air.
4. Allantoin is an ingredient that temporarily protects injured or exposed skin from harmful or annoying stimuli, and that may provide relief to such skin.
5. Aloe extract is to soothe and moisturise skin.
6. Portulaca Olearacea extract is to brighten skin, and improves wrinkle. 

How to use: 

peel off after 20-30 mins or dry

parts cannot be peeled, just rinse them off.

What I like: 
1. Easy to use
2. Natural and chemical-free ingredients
3. Relaxing and cooling sensation on skin
4. Herbal and earthy smell (some might not like)
5. Skin feels smooth and soft after use, also less redness
6. Affordable price (RM 12.90 / USD 3)

What I do not like:
1. Mask cannot be peeled off in one go or one big piece.
2. Messy peel off and stick onto hairline.

I think this mask deserves a 3.5/5 because it is a decent and effective mask for who doesn't mind a bit of work of mixing and peeling. Also, they have 10 choices of mask we can choose from depending on our skin conditions. 

Thanks for tuning in. If you guys want me to review any specific products, just comment below :)

Have a nice weekend peeps!

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