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Must-Buy Japanese Products

July 04, 2016
Hello gurls, forgive me for being lazy with my blogs these days, I am currently getting caught up with my study. I'm getting certified in Aesthetic, the training is super intensive but very interesting. I'm learning a lot and understand skin better now. Stay in tune and be patient with me kay as I would share my tips about it in very near future with you guys!

I have been back from Japan for almost one month now, and I have tried quite handful ( NOT ALL YET) of the products that I purchased from Japan. And today I would share these amazing products that I feel might work magic on you guys too.

amazing products from Japan!


comes in pump, making it hygienic

can u see how watery and light it is

In Japan, Sun Protection is a huge thing, I encountered many women keep re-applying sunscreen in the toilet. Also, they have like gazillion choices and brands you can choose at Japanese drugstores. For me, I was quite reluctant before to protect my skin but earlier this year, I realised that I started to get some dark spots on my hands and face. But all the sunscreens I had were so greasy, making me not comfortable to wear it daily.

But finally, God has answered to my prayer, I have tried numbers of sunscreen for years, but never did I find a sunscreen that goes like this one. This one is super light, absorb so fast, non-sticky at all, and the price is super affordable. It can be used on face and body. It is now my favourite sunscreen. I use this under my makeup, and it makes my make-up looks extra glowing. Totally THUMBS-UP! This can be purchased at drugstore in Japan such as Matsumoto Kiyoshi that spreads throughout Japan.


as runny as water

One of my friends recommended me this product, claiming it works wonder on her skin on reducing the oiliness and blackheads on her T-Zone. I bought this in Daimaru Department Store. This product is not a drugstore product and the price is 3.500 Yen ($ 35) for 60 ml, quite pricey. When I went to buy this, I had to take number because the people at this ALBION counter are super crowded. I could see all the girls who bought this brand were local Japanese, and their skins look so great and flawless.

This essence is very runny like water, no colour, slightly minty smell, and fast absorbed. They recommend me to pour some to cotton and wipe on T-zone area, but I prefer to pour some on fingers and apply directly on my face without wasting the product on cotton. I use it after toner and before serum. I could see that this product controls the sebum well, and also helps to clear pores, and get rid of the blackheads by loosening them. But, do not expect all blackheads will be gone with this essence as skin does not work that way.


smell so fresh like green apple

I fall in love with this cleanser at first try. It smells literally like green apple. It consists of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy) which helps to exfoliate skin gently. There are small granules in this foamy wash that does not feel rough to skin. And most importantly, it cleans my skin really well without feeling dry and stretchy, also with this cleanser, I get that really clean feeling which I love.

I saw two versions of these cleansers, mine is with the green cap for oily and combination skin. I believe there is another one with white cap for dry and sensitive skin. You can find this in any drugstore in Japan too.

Ettusais Jelly Mousse

super fluffy and soft on skin

I have used this cleanser in the past year when I purchased it in Hong Kong, I liked it so much back then. When I went to Japan, I just have to buy some of it to re-stock. It comes out in gel form, but will transform into fluffy and soft mousse. It can remove light make-up, also it clears pores from impurities, and gives mint refreshing sensation. It will also leave your skin hydrated by the plant extract. I like to use this gentle cleanser when I feel like my pores are clogged, or after a full and heavy make-up day, and when my skin is super sensitive and red. This cleanser is available at COSME STORE in Japan.


add oil after massage to emulsify

I would say this cleansing oil is no less more effective and nice than the super expensive Shu Eumura's. DHC is one of the trustable Japanese brands that are quite affordable. I purchased quite numbers of their products and I found almost all of their products are very effective and reliable. This Cleansing Oil is a make-up remover for face and eyes. But I only use it on my face as it would create a layer on my eyes, making my sight blurry after wash. Just a pump is enough for whole face, give it a good massage and then add some water to palm to emulsify the oil into milky solution and rinse well.


2 in 1 brow product to achieve those brow-wow!



This is seriously my no joke HG brow product, I have used like 15 of it. Every time I switch to something else, I always go back to this one. It is a very versatile product to achieve any brow looks I want from soft bushy to those full set heavy brows in under 5 minutes. It has 2 sides, one is liner, and another is the thin crayon type, very similar to Brow Wiz in my opinion. I use the liner tip to draw outline of brow first and then still use the liner to fill in my brows, and then I switch to crayon part to darken the tail area. My tip to get those soft and natural looking brows is to use a finger to blend the liner immediately after application before it dries and sets on the front part of the brows. The shade I use is Greyish Black. They do have another shade which is Brown Black. 


I purchased this before in Singapore in Tokyo Hands, a store specialised in Japanese imported products. There're two It peeled my and my crack heels off so nicely and completely. I will review thoroughly on this product on another post. Keep tune.