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Top 3 Lipstick for Everyday Use

May 19, 2016
Lipsticks are one of my favourite make-up items to purchase in all time. I own like almost 30 lipsticks in my entire make-up collection, and I know that I do not need them all, some I even regretted purchasing. For everyday use, I prefer the lipsticks that are comfortable and easy to wear, moisturise my lips, and long-lasting with natural shades.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge in RD 142

This lipstick is super smooth, moisturising, easy to apply, and the colour is just gorgeous. I love this warm rosy pink with brownish undertone colour, not too overwhelming and perfect for any day. The black metal packaging is very sleek and elegant looking. Normally I'd pair a simple eye make-up with this lipstick for simple and pretty day look.

Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint in Glaze (Glossy) and Haze (Matte)

I am a big fan of Tarte LipSurgence ever since I tried it. It is super creamy in both matte and glossy formula. The matte is not drying and definitely feel comfortable on lip. Both finish has minty and soothing sensation on lips that lasts for around 15 minutes after application which I love. Also, the application on lips is easy and fast thanks to the jumbo and wide surface that could be twist up and down. The cute and fun packaging also wins my heart. 

Haze is the perfect nude colour I would go for whenever I wear minimal make-up to no make-up. I also sometimes would reach out on Haze when I wear smoky eyes to balance out my look. 

Glaze is a medium reddish brownish nude. This colour is great for fall and very pretty with some soft rose-gold tone eye make-up look. 

Haze and Glaze (up to down)

Haze (Matte)

Glaze (Glossy)

Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait in Gourmandise M71

This is the priciest and most luxurious lip product I ever own. You can see from the packaging that it is a very special product, the product feels heavy in aluminium with a mirror popping up when the clasp is twisted open. This liquid lip product is in velvety matte finish. It is not drying on lips with its smooth and silky texture. The staying power is great, it lasts for 6 hours on me while I eat and drink and does not even fade and crease on the inner lips like the other liquid lipstick does. Also the application tip is quite precise, making it very easy to apply a neat layer on lips. The colour Gourmandise is a very wearable true and bright pink which is very flattering on lips, it brightens up my complexion and I often get compliment on it. For girls who has the budget and wants to invest a luxury product, this one is a must!

What is your favourite lipsticks for daily use? Please share with me on the comment below! Also, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE for more beauty updates.

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