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Acne Purifying Peel-Off Black Mask by Shills | Review and First Impression

May 03, 2016
I bought this mask for quite awhile in the past but never had the chance to use it due to the quantity of masks i have. Tonight I checked thoroughly in my mask wardrobe and i spotted this left-aside mask. So I thought I'd give it a go and do review for you guys. 

First of all, I bought this at SASA and I forgot the price(sorry guys), but i remember that it is quite affordable below RM 50. For girls who happen not to have SASA store in your country, you can order it online at at around $4.50 USD. Cheap eh?

This mask says it all from the packaging, that it is a peel-off mask to purify and deep cleanse pores and impurities. At the same time it also nurtures our skin with the plants ingredients such as calendula, rosemary, grapefruit and oat extracts. 

Steps to use:
  1. Clean face with face wash
  2. Apply mask thoroughly on nose, chin, forehead areas, avoiding eyes, lips and eyebrows
  3. Wait until it is fully dried (around 20-30 mins) depending on thickness
  4. Peel off gently
  5. Wash mask residue with warm water
  6. Apply toner and skincare

Apply mask on T-zone areas after cleansing and wait for 20-30 mins to dry

After 25 mins, mine has dried and it's time to peel-off. So i started to peel the one on my forehead and lemme tell you. IT IS FRICKING PAINFUL and hard to peel in one go! Ouch! My other peel-off masks are not as painful as this. It also caused redness all over my skin. Definitely a minus point!

after around 25 mins and dry, i peeled off

omg so painful and red!!

Let's see the result! I saw that most of my facial hair has been pulled-out by the mask, but i didn't see any blackheads or whiteheads on them. It just doesn't work for my skin i guess! Another point's gone!

Facial hair mostly, from my forehead

From my nose, no blackheads 

I spent a good 10 minutes just to try to peel them off in one go, but it was just impossible, so i ended up trying to peel whatever i could and washed the rest with warm water.

mask residue and redness all over, not cool!


  • It is not really effective in cleaning my pores, although my skin feels smooth afterwards because my facial hair is gone.
  • Hard and painful peel-off process
  • Causing redness

The rating for this mask is 2,5/5. I would probably not repurchase it.

Thanks for reading, I hope you find my review's helpful!

3 comments on "Acne Purifying Peel-Off Black Mask by Shills | Review and First Impression"
  1. very helpful review and descriptive photos. thanks.

  2. prior to using any peel off masks, you should scrub first and steam your face first either with a hot towel or over the steam of a hot water in a basin to open your pores and to soften the blackheads and whiteheads especially when using that shills mask. It hurts like hell when I directly applied that black mask on my face. LoL.

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