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Top 5 Facial Masks for Sensitive Acne Prone Skin

April 22, 2016
Recently the weather here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is fricking hot especially yesterday. When i said fricking, the temperature shows around 37-38 C with the heat index of 41C. I prefer to stay inside with my beloved air con on for 24/7. Oh Poor air-con! The weather is not helping my not-behaving sensitive skin. My skin just decided to throw its tantrum on me exactly at this time. Having some break out on forehead and cheeks, yet at the same time, my skin is all dry, flaky and showing some redness all over. NOT COOL! :(

If you are girls, you would know and understand how much skin means to you. I assume most of you wouldn't mind to spend your hard-earned $$ and extra time to take care of your skin to have glowing and flawless complexion. And i would say that is achievable. I always manage to return my skin's condition despite how bad it was. I had major break outs so many times since teenager and i have tried tons and tons of products to pick the right ones to help my shitty skin get better and EVENTUALLY to look good again!

One of my FAV skincare routine is MASKS. YES! I am a maskholic, mask-freak, Mask-queen, you call it. I never pass a day without doing mask. I am just obsessed with it. I feel good while doing it. And i crave to feel good. After a long day, i would take shower, put some masks on while watching some movies or reading books and enjoy my evening. I am quite certain i would never stop my mask explorer journey. And I've tried hundreds of masks from western to asian brands, you name it.. and i think it's essential in our skin care steps. 

I have 5 in my list that are the most effective, my major saver, in my skincare routine:

1. Peter Thomas Roth Acne Treatment Masque

Contains ingredients such as 10% of sulphur, bentonite clays and kaolin to help reduce and prevent acne, exfoliate dead skin, unclogged pores, and absorb excess oil. Also contains aloe extract to soothe redness. This mask smells quite strong, like hot spring. Some people might be irritated by the smell, but i don't mind. 

Normally i would use this mask on my whole face once a week max. But my favourite way to use it is to dot it on the problematic area, leave it for 15-20 mins and rinse with warm water. It can be used for chest and back acnes also. 

The effectiveness of this mask is pretty obvious. My skin becomes less oily and shiny, less clogged pores. Caution: Try on small patches of skin first if your skin is sensitive, and don't use it on continuous day, might cause skin to be a little red. 

Available in Sephora

2. Annie's Way Charcoal Black Jelly Mask

Mask from Taiwan with Jelly-like texture mask to control oil, cleanse pores, and has brightening effect. Contains charcoal, liquorice and hyaluronic acid. 

This mask is quite unique in a way. You apply it on your face with spatula with 0.5 cm thickness. Then, scrape it off with spatula after 20 minutes when the mask is half dried. Don't wait until it's fully dried. you couldn't scrape it after that. 

When i scrape it, i would see some blackheads and whiteheads coming off with the mask. I quite like the feeling of this mask. It's refreshing, cooling and definitely brightening. 

Available in SASA

3. Skin Peptoxyl Instant Soothing Bio-Cellulose Mask 

This mask is my favourite mask for the sheet mask category. It's super effective to soothe sensitive skin, moisturising yet not greasy, firming my skin. 

It's not the usual sheet mask that made from paper or cotton.It is like a true skin-like mask made of LIPOSOME to penetrate deeply to dermal layer. 

Although the price is a bit on the upper side, but i think it's totally worth it. You can feel the difference compared to normal sheet masks. I always save it for special occasion. You can get it in SASA. 

Key ingredients of this mask are:
Copper Acetate - stimulate growth of collagen and elastin
Beta-Glucan - Soothe sensitive skin and lower irritation
Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate - cell renewal, prevent allergy, and brighten
Aloe - moisturizing, and soothe. 

Available in SASA

4. Tsururi Ghassoul Mineral Clay Pack 

LET me TELL YOU! This is a great dope of Glamglow Clarifying Mask with the black jar. It dries out the same way as Glamglow and also has that granule to exfoliate our dead skin. But the price is only 1/6. I bought if for SGD 15. GET IT! 

This mask is one of my fav because it's super budget friendly yet effective, smells amazing like lavender. It's from Japan. If you go to Japan please get one of this!

Contains Morocco clay to clean pores, sugar to exfoliate and honey to moisturise. The sugar granules is super gentle and does not cause irritation. It also has slightly firming effect after usage. It's just amazing for that kind of price. 

Available in Guardian.

5. Origins Drink-Up Intensive

This is the mask i always reach for if my skin is flaky, dry, peeled, and red. It soothes, super moisturising, and calms down my skin instantly. 

It is actually claimed as an overnight mask to quench skin's thirst. But my skin would be too oily and greasy the next morning if i just leave it. So the way i'd do it is i put quite a thick layer on my skin, leave it for 1,5-2 hours depending how bad my skin is and i rinse it off with warm water. My skin would be less red, less dry and supple. 

What are the ingredients?
Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oils - deeply and instantly quench compromised moisture reserves 
Japanese Seaweed - repair skin's barrier to prevent future dehydration and signs of premature aging

Available in Origins

Thanks for reading and wish it helps! 

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